Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Terry's Blog.

Hey Peeps,

This is just a quickie to link Terry's new blog to ours.  Terry is a fan-tas-tic barista at our café and one of her blogs discusses a somewhat ordinary experience at the shop.  She explains how this mind and heart changing event unfolded and why it was so moving.  Read on friends.  Oh and get your lattes from this lady too.

Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.  Be Well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We bid adieu to KELLY KIEFER!

Have you heard the word?  It's a sad, but true message.  Actually, it's bittersweet.  Kelly will be working her last official shift at the shop this Friday, March 28th.  She's worked here since my term as manager, which is over 2 years.  What a great trip we've shared! 

Kelly will focus her energy on Three Sister's Community Farm.  This is her and her partner's CSA; Community Supported Agriculture.  It's a wonderful project that I'm proud to be a small part of during their growing season.  I am a worker share member on their farm.  This means, I share my time and energy (every week) and they share the fruits of their farm.  Kelly and Jeff sell "share" of their farm in exchange for a weekly delivery of seasonal/local produce. 

Though, we're super see Kelly go, we're equally as excited that she'll be caring for the land and growing nutritious soil and vegetables.  Check out her project at  You can also find them on Facebook. 

Come wish this lovely lady happy trails THIS Friday, March 28th from 10am until 6 pm. 

Be Well.  Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Paul and Tessa!

                                                                                    Hey Friends,

Meet the newest editions to our happy little cafe family.  We're preparing for the warmer weather, which means more foot traffic, which means more coffee, tea, and smoothie drinking.  So we're glad to have some new heads and hearts around this joint.  There is a new gentleman named Paul Tyree and a lovely lady called Tessa.  Paul and Tessa are in the midst of their training rapport at the café, so if you see them, please introduce yourself and allow them patience.  If you know the ropes around here, feel free to provide a little guidance if you're comfortable. 

Paul is a lot of things, but a few of those things which he's shared with me are:  he's also a long term employee of Beans and Barley in Milwaukee.  Paul LOVES music and is familiar with some obscure bands.  He's also a drummer, so his love of music is wide.  I also know that Paul likes to ride an lately, he's started crafting long boards.  As in, skate boards.  Pretty neat guy, huh? 

Tessa too is interesting in her own right.  This girl is also really comical.  Upon first meeting I took her to be shy and introverted, but that impression was quite inaccurate.  Tessa is silly and REALLY funny.  She's also a student at the college in Sheboygan.  I believe she's studying numbers of some variety.  Much like her father, who is the coffee shop's CPA. 

So, summer, here we come.  Ready or not?  We hope the season strikes soon because we're preparing for a good and busy warm season at our little café. 

Be Good.  Drink Good Coffee.  Take Good Care!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thinking about Spring!

Hey Friends, 

I've been thinking about, as most of have, the weather.  Well folks, it appears that spring has SPRUNG!  Hooray for the seasonal shift.  It's coming not a moment too soon.  Yesterday, March 10th, I had the windows in the café open.  If you had a cup of joe here there was a cool breeze moving over your coffee beans before they were brewed. 

The change of seasons is welcome by all.  I can testify to this based on my interaction with the community.  So, now, we're moving into warmer weather and green pastures.  What else does spring mean?  Lounging outside the coffee shop with mug in hand watching the passer-bys.  I'm thinking about unveiling the outdoor furniture in the not too distant future.  Hot damn, this is the good stuff.

Kelly and Jeff of
Three Sisters Community Farm.
One of the more notable features of warm weather is the beginning of the growing sea.  Our area is ripe with small vegetable farms growing food to share.  Please support these folks so we can continue to grow the local food movement.  Here are some choices for CSA's in our area.

1.     Belgium, WI

2.   Fredonia, WI

3.    Campbellsport, WI

4.    Newburg, WI


Each of these farms boasts unique offerings; different veggies, pick-up locations, honey, eggs, meat, etc. Check them out!  I participate in the workshare program provided by Three Sisters.  It's one of my favorite ways to spend a portion of a summer day AND I get a box of produce of which I helped (a tiny bit) grow.  I highly recommend this relationship with any of the farms listed.

As always, Be Well.  Drink Good Coffee. Take Good Care. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Curtis Newman! Art Reception.

Have you been to the café lately?  Have you seen Curtis Newman's artwork?  It's really nice stuff.  And may I recommend that you check it out in the next month?  It'll be extra great if you get to see Curtis AND his work together in the same space and you could partake in this upcoming opportunity.

Curtis will be here, at the café, hosting a shindig with LIVE music on Saturday, March 8th from 9am until 1ish.  He'll be painting and open to conversation about what he does and why he does it.  He's a very friendly guy and a talented artist, so it's a win-win conversation that's likely to ensue if you show up!

Curtis currently resides in Sheboygan and seemingly finds inspiration for his work within living things.  The current show features oil paintings of nature, people in nature, animals!, and people with their animals.  Curtis loves to work with commissions.  My theory is that he enjoys getting to know people AND painting; combining the two is a bonus.  So, come on in  and enjoy  Curtis' work until April 8th. 

AND, we're having a party to celebrate Curtis' show and the music of Howard Lewis!  Join us for a fusion of art and music on Saturday, March 8th from 10am until 1pm.  Curtis will be apaintin' and Howard and Friend's will be making music.  Hope you're watching and listening!

Be Well.  Drink Good Coffee. Take Good Care.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

In case you haven't noticed, it's very cold this winter season.  I'd also like to point out that we're in what I call, The Doldrums of Winter.  We're in the thick of it and based on my feelings and my interactions with many a customer, we're really starting to feel the effects of a long and cold season.  This weekend, I was able to be outside on several occasions and damn was it helpful on many levels.  I'm reminded of what an absolutely DIVINE region we live in.  The "coast" line is magnificent right now; there's an ice shelf which extends the walkable area by a quarter mile.  Please, do yourself a favor and visit a natural space asap!  Be outdoors for longer than running from you car to a building.  I'm almost certain it'll feel good to you in some way. 

Now for the coffee shop plug.  Cold weather is also highly conducive to consuming copious amounts of hot food and drink.  We offer many drinks which'll warm you right up.  The soup is still pouring out of the kitchen too.  Reward yourself for surviving winter.  Celebrate something with a fudge oatie bar or a hot cup of tea.  Whatever you do, enjoy it and remember, we're on the home stretch towards spring. 

Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.  Be Good. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The soup is ON!

Hey Folks,

I hope the winter season finds you warm and snuggly with those you love.  I also hope it brings you nourishment; not just physical substance, but the whole shebang.  I believe the winter season is a time to regenerate self and move inward.  The café certainly aims to nourish those that spend time here.  One way we like to do is, is with SOUP! 

I can't think of a more nourishing process; from selecting the variety of soup, to handpicking each ingredient and then combining everything.  The eating aspect is pretty darned fun too!  This soup season has enlightened me with the art of making broth.  We're spinning all kinds of broth in our cozy little kitchen.  Chicken, turkey, every now and then beef and LOTS of vegetable broths.  Nothing goes to waste and in fact the transformation of "scraps" is wildly good for our bodies.  I could elaborate on the health benefits of eating bone broths, but I'm not sure we've got the time.  Care to chat about it?  Find me in the café!  Just know that homemade stock (homemade anything) is going to be better for your body than manufactured-packaged goods. 

If you haven't heard me say it before, I'll tell you again.  We love making soup!  We hope you love eating just as much!  This week, we're lucky enough to be cooking with root vegetables for our pal's at Rare Earth Farm in Belgium, WI.  Here are the links to a couple of our favorite farms: 
My favorite ingredient.
Also, my favorite snack. 
(this is Kelly's farm)

We hope you're staying warm and well with the cold snap. 

As always, Be Well.  Drink Good Coffee. Do Good Things.